Office Pop Folding Plastic Vase

There is a kind of vase, light but not thin, strong and never broken, transparent and full of air, can also be folded and stored like paper, filled with water and standing upright like a glass vase. This is a folding plastic vase. Recently, this vase was loved by office workers and put it ---

Veken Home Textile wins brand and quality

Veeco Home Textiles Henan Changge franchisee Jia Hui talked about the five-year history of joining Veken. He always showed a grateful attitude. She thanked Veken textile leaders for their recognition of her performance and thanked every staff member of Veken Home Textiles for her support. ---

NIKE: sports, performance, free and easy

"Sports, performance, free and easy athlete spirit" is Nike's pursuit of a personalized corporate culture. This distinctive corporate culture is an anti-traditional concept of corporate image, was founded by the company founder Philip Knight. Founded by Nike as Blue Ribbon Sporting Go---