Watermelon tourmaline pendant picture

Watermelon tourmaline is a very rare type of tourmaline (aka: tourmaline). It is in a spar, the center is pink, the edge is green or the reverse tourmaline is called watermelon calcium carbide. Because the color resembles the pulp and peel of watermelon, it is named waterm---

What to wear in February February dress with

Cold February, we welcome the joy of a small, ushered in the romantic Valentine's Day, ushered in the lively Spring Festival, so many festivals, down many of the girls returning home for the New Year offended, what Chinese New Year clothes to wear home Go back, what clothes should be worn in F---

Only love is the best suit

This spring COCOBELLA launched a new spring so you refused to hit the shirt, always interpretation of their true colors. The elegant dress always reflects your exclusive glamorousness and the length of the ankle, killing the male gaze. Its invincible Slim version, the upper body immediately was thi---