Autumn thin jacket with what to wear shorts jacket


Good autumn is actually very simple, when you are wearing the summer can be coupled directly with a coat can fall, the autumn dress is actually very simple, the autumn wear are generally summer and autumn style, know what is the summer Style? For example, the summer is the summer, coupled with the fall of long-sleeved shorts is this feeling, poetry Bei honey women's summer and style with, what kind of inner jacket with good-looking ride.


Summer suits we all like to dress summer wear suits rather simple with the fall we can also choose the summer shorts + shorts suit with a long black coat can be, so wearing upper body feels more warm, Lower body is very cool, this is the charm of summer style full Oh.

秋季薄款外套搭配 秋季短裤配什么上衣

Poetry honey honey thin section with a jacket, do not look down on a small jacket so simple, it can have a lot of collocation, such as a very simple black strap + denim shorts plus a hole in the thin shirt shirt personality, so Wear suitable for September, October wear, quickly do not let yourself feel the cold, that is, thin and stylish personality to wear.

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