Beads, treasures, jade and stone are four concepts! Don't be confused! (Figure)



Beads, treasures, jade and stone are four concepts! Don't be confused!

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Jewelry, jade, organic gems, can you get it? Today, the treasurer will interpret "Zhu, Bao, Jade, Stone" for everyone.

The basic concept of jewellery and jade

Gem in a broad sense refers to all materials that have been honed or engraved to become jewelry or crafts. It includes natural and artificial gemstones.

Narrow gems refer to mineral single crystals produced in nature that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, rare, and can be honed and engraved into jewelry or crafts.

Jade refers to mineral aggregates produced by nature that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, rare and technologically valuable.

What are the "beads, treasures, jade, and stones"?



In jewelry and jade, it refers to pearls. At present, the pearls on the market are basically cultured pearls. According to the different waters produced, they can be divided into freshwater pearls and seawater pearls.



Gemstones are natural mineral crystals that can be used for jewelry and other purposes. They can be divided into high-grade gemstones and medium-low-grade gemstones by value. The world's five precious gems are: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and gold emerald cat eyes.

Other common middle and low grade stones include: topaz, crystal, tanzanite, tourmaline, garnet and more.



Jade is a multi-mineral collection. In China, stones that meet the three characteristics of beauty, durability and scarcity can be called jade.

There are many kinds of jade produced or used in China, and the value of Hetian jade and jade is the highest. (China does not produce jade, gem-quality jade is produced in Myanmar)



The so-called "stone" often mentioned in jewelry generally refers to colored stones for carving, such as: Shoushan Stone, Qingtian Stone, Bahrain Stone, and so on.

Stone and jade generally have lower hardness, and most Mohs hardness is between 2-4 degrees.

Organic gemstone

It refers to organic minerals or organic gemstones formed by the action of ancient creatures and modern organisms that meet the requirements of gemstones. Including: pearls, amber, ivory, coral, tortoise shells, etc.

Of course, the meaning of the beads in the present is more circular ornaments, artistic, ornamental or practical, more literary fans mentioned that the beads must first think of bracelets, bodhi and other normal beaded forms.

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