"Bosideng" Zeng hand can talk to Fudan "warm fashion"


In 2013, Bosideng redefined the concept of warmth, spread the fashion image and put forward the concept of "warm fashion" with a clear-cut stand and launched a series of campus activities with celebrities to establish emotional communication with young consumers. September 10, 2013 Bosideng Campus Warm Talent Show At the launching ceremony, fashion-conscious Zeng Yi could use a "down jacket" to convey his warm fashion ideas - warm off. Her fashion ideas also coincide with the fashion attitude of young people advocated by Bosideng. At the launching ceremony, Bosideng also invited Daren who represent Bosideng Qiuqiu to give a deep explanation of the concept of "warm fashion", stressing that fashion is not only outward appearance but also a transfer of warm and positive energy. Zeng Yi talk about warm fashion and warm in parallel "I like Bosideng autumn down 'color and light warm' in the light word, the light word not only represents my request on the down jacket, but also convey my attitude towards life, relaxed and happy. Zeng Yi said she likes Bosideng down jacket, especially this autumn down, fashion sense is very strong, and Bosideng made this year's "warm fashion" is also her and young fashion needs. At the launching ceremony, Zeng Yi also explained his idea of ​​"warm fashion" with a piece of "down jacket". The down jacket is a garment that can not be undone in autumn and winter, and is most capable of giving warm clothing. Like the lyrics in "Down Jacket" Can not afford to take off, your smile is more important than my heart, that I can not afford to off the warm, Bosideng autumn down is to fashion and warm in parallel. In recent two years, Bosideng has made a rather outstanding performance in the transition to fashion. Online Bosideng establishes brand "Chao Fan" community. Through a platform that brings together warm and fashionable energy, young people can learn more about current fashion trends through Bosideng and get acquainted with more friends who have common fashion insights. Offline, Bosideng launched various forms of interactive campus activities to show consumers the pace of Bosideng in fashion changes, celebrity Dianzheng Bosideng pass the concept of warmth. The campus warm up show start ceremony, Bosideng will be invited to fashion young people favorite Daren live interpretation of "warm fashion." Illustrator Lin Zhu acuity of the color, not only for Bosideng autumn down 57 colors with the show before everyone, also let the guests saw a "color" of life wonderful; traveled across the country dancer Leona use Lightweight dance interpretation of the "light" of the joy of life; "take" up to people Zhu Bao creative clothing to wear, you can make your life is not only multicolored and full of personality. Of course, the most important thing about "warm fashion" is "warmth". Jiang Yong, the vice president of the South Association of Choi Wan and the kind-hearted person from Fudan University, conveyed the warmth of Bosideng "warm fashion" with a touch of warmth Connotation. They organized volunteers to go to the village to teach and help people with intellectual disabilities better life and a series of public welfare activities. It is to convey a voice to the community, warm from action, warm from the heart. Four people with action interpretation of the "light warm ride" is Bosideng emphasizes the "warm fashion", not only a stylish appearance, more warm and new energy fashion. "Warm Fashion" is a fashion subdivision concept that we strongly build, hoping to resonate with young people through the concept of 'warm fashion'. Mr. Liu Jie said that today's society is young people to fully demonstrate the self-personality of the era, but all personality can not do without human nature, warmth, positive energy is the soul that supports the heart, Bosideng is also in the While meeting the consumer needs of young people, it communicates positive energy, establishes emotional communication with young people, and digs young consumers.

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