Can high pressure glass break a corner and can it be used?


[China Glass Net] High-pressure glass is a special window glass for high-voltage equipment. We can observe and monitor the material production status inside the equipment. Due to the high working pressure, the high-pressure glass is not careful during transportation and installation. After hitting a corner, the glass can no longer be used. In order to ensure safety, it must be re-customized.

Although the mechanical strength of high-pressure resistant glass is higher than that of other glass, it is still a glass product, and it is also a brittle and fragile item, which is easy to cause glass cracking during production, processing, transportation and installation. Therefore, for this precious glass, we must be especially careful when transporting and installing.

Why can't the high-pressure glass break a corner and can't be used? This is because the high-pressure resistant glass is used for glass under high pressure environment. Unlike ordinary mirrors, this glass needs to bear a lot of working pressure when working. If the glass breaks a corner, there is a corner around this corner. Numerous microcracks, at the same time, the stress distribution around the damage will be unbalanced. Under high pressure, the microcracks on the glass gap will spread to the whole glass, causing the glass to burst.

With ordinary mirror glass, high-pressure glass is installed on high-voltage equipment. If the glass breaks, it is very terrible. It will not only bring huge losses to the production, but also cause great damage. Therefore, if the purchased high-pressure glass has a broken mouth, we have better changed one piece, which can effectively protect our safety.

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