Clothing with Qinxiang: Fat MM2012 spring and summer was thin four wearing skills


Who do not know the summer clothes to wear less, more through the thin, but the fat MM are even fully armed, but also did not play any role, do not want to be tortured in the summer high temperature fat MM who quickly see [clothing with Qin fragrance] Women Summed up the fat MM summer was thin and wear skills, and now here to teach fat girls how to dress with the summer, in fact, as long as you master the following fat girl with summer clothing, all the troubles will be swept away, the following points For a few:


Fat MM summer was thin and wear a skill: choose dark color clothes

For fat girls, the light color to wear inside, and dark sets on the outside not only makes the whole person lively, but also looks slim figure. Avoid wearing light color on the outside, dark wear inside, so people will look no fat also add a few pounds of feeling, but also seems very rustic. To black dress, tights, shoes, gloves, hats, handbags for the portfolio, and gold necklace to decorate, will make you in the mysterious show charming figure, this fat girl with summer clothing, will let Your summer is no longer lonely.


Fat MM summer was thin and wear take-off skills II: warm clothes

Do not always think that bright colors do not belong to the fat-type people wear, such as the following with the method is better. Upper body choose bright white and orange short-sleeved small suit, with a dark blue and dark blue jeans are below, people involuntarily go to the bright shirt to see, and will not pay attention to your fat body.

Most girls do not like fat bright color clothing, in fact, as long as with a proper, fat girls can wear bright colors. Such as the upper body choose bright white or orange short-sleeved clothing, with a dark blue or dark blue jeans below, people can not help to look bright shirt, and will not pay attention to your fat body.


Fat MM summer was thin to wear skills three: small floral color clothing

Body flowers are not suitable for fat girls, but the local decoration will play a very good effect, it is recommended. Floral dress, fat people can choose, but should not choose not to spend big flowers on the fabric, flowers will look thin. In the choice of color should use vertical stripes medium size flowers, darker clothes, can give a fuzzy silhouette of the hazy feeling.


Fat MM summer was thin wear skills four: clothes and skirts

Lace plus some lace decoration, an increase of skirt length. If you are a fat girl, you can choose for yourself such a skirt, upper body with a slightly fit vest, the color can choose a little bright, so fat girl summer clothing, will make you no longer lonely this summer.

The round skirt is more than the long tube tight skirt to cover up fat figure, elegant white dress, with a matching dark shirt, cleverly set off a slim waist. Coupled with a string of retro long necklace embellishment, immediately make you a charming lady.

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