Color coat style and with skills


In winter, is more popular solid color coat or color coat more market? Xiaobian as the apparel industry can give you that: each has its advantages. Solid color coat will not look very "cumbersome, complicated", suitable for quiet woman wear. Color coat will appear to you more fashionable personality, the most individual sister can try bold. However, if you are tired of one, may wish to take advantage of this winter a good change to change their original style is also very good. In today's fashion topics, Xiaobian want to share with you is: color coat style and with skills.

地素 - dazzle 配色大衣款式以及搭配技巧

Coat in the season, we should also know somewhat about. Large-outline, self-cultivation version This is the most common style. But for the color coat, there are still several styles. Even if the profile is not in place, we can also take the ride and accessories will be firmly in control of fashion in their own palm. For this check coat, small lines of large plates, visual impact, will make you more eye-catching. Coupled with the black and white hit the color, it will be more perfect? Even if the profile is large, you can wear out the "Slim" taste. Upper body loose, lower body compact, high heels play a very clever stretch effect. Perfect to burst wood there?


If you like this coupled with the coat and the corresponding match, Xiao Bian recommend that you go into the DAZZLE women's boutique to buy. In this paragraph, soft mohair, make your heart followed along with soft, each small plexus above the fluff seems to be waving with you. Coupled with the above, the effect will be better oh.

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