Colorful semi-precious stones




If you want to improve your FQ quickly, the accessories are definitely the finishing touch, especially the bright and semi-precious stones. This gemstone, which is born with beautiful colors, not only shines in the design of top jewellery, but also becomes a newcomer in the investment collection industry. It can be regarded as a near-order choice for promotion of the lady from the inside out!

Naturally born pen

With the natural beauty, colorful and charming colors, from the original "no name" to today's "significant", "semi-precious stones" are gradually climbing in the Caibao family, and are rising. Don't question the natural and beautiful and precious attributes of the "semi-precious stones" because of the "half" in its name. Just as "heroes don't ask for the source", the uniqueness of nature makes it unique, even if it is not like the five precious stones. Known and famous, but still able to rely on their own high-quality gem properties and more and more known and loved.

The term "semi-precious stones" comes from the English original translation - Semi Precious Stone, which means semi-precious stones. In fact, whether in terms of the theory in the field of gemology or the customary classification in the jewelry industry, the traditional "precious gem" contains only rubies, sapphires, emeralds, gold-green opals and diamonds. In addition, the natural mineral stones that are of the gem grade can be called "semi-precious stones".

“Semi-precious stones” does not mean that the grades are cheap and cheap, and they cannot be confused with synthetic gems. Although the “semi-precious stones” cover a wide variety of specific gemstones, each category must meet the requirements of pure natural gemstones. At present, in the world of jewelry industry, the price of "semi-precious stones" is increasing year by year, very tight. The "semi-precious stones" can also be transformed into valuable jewellery products through exquisite cutting technology, mosaic technology and creative design. The degree of attention can be compared with precious gems!

The new favorite of creative style

"Semi-precious stones" can be said to be the next one, and it is becoming a hot new darling of jewelry designers. This highly competitive material runs through a wide range of product lines in various jewellery brands, from rare high-end jewellery and master-rated limited-edition jewellery to classic jewellery pieces that are the brand's logo. Trendy fashion accessories and jewellery, all without a trace. The rich, beautiful and charming gemstone colors, the variety, the different types of gemstones also add more expressive power to the “semi-precious stones”, so that they have enough strength to fill the design style and fill in the jewelry. Significant effect.

The top jewellery brands known as "colored gemstones" are not going to turn a blind eye to the growing popularity of "semi-precious stones", and the brand of creative design will certainly not sit idly by, and everyone will start to create creative challenges and try. With people's deep understanding of the properties of the "semi-precious stones" material, to the cutting edge of the cutting process and processing technology, a variety of extraordinary "semi-precious stones" high-end jewellery works will come.

In its many exquisite and luxurious high-end jewellery collections, Bulgari reflects the brand's familiarity and taste for “semi-precious stones”. It creates a unique style with the beauty, volume and precious attributes of different types of gemstone materials. High jewelry collection. And the creative top jewellery brands such as Cartier and Tiffany are uniquely creative in creative design, and the “semi-precious” material is also created into a unique and temperament jewelry collection.

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