Dalina Home Textile chooses three elements of bedding


Faced with the variety of bedding products nowadays, consumers must pay special attention to the three elements when purchasing bedding:

First, the environment, the pattern of matching bedding is an important factor, you should choose the pattern according to your own hobbies. But because bedding is not like clothing, it only needs to match the personal temperament, but it is used in the living room environment, which is a prominent point in the overall and harmonious environment. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the coordination with the room environment and the particularity of the room function. Different fabrics will have different effects. The cotton linen is rough and warm, the printed cloth is plain and natural, the satin is rich and gorgeous, the velvet is elegant and solemn, the brocade is antique, and the gauze fabric is light and chic, but the texture is rough and the texture is smooth and the texture is cool. Therefore, the materials are different, the visual effects are different, the atmosphere of creation is different, and the decoration can be selected according to their own pursuits and tastes.

Second, check the appearance, look at the current work, the bedding grades on the market are different, the price difference is large, the workmanship and quality gap are also large. The products with better quality are even and even, the texture is fine, the printing is clear, the luster is smooth, and the sewing is even and even.

Third, diligent replacement, the most common Aspergillus in health pillows is most likely to cause disease. Aspergillus is a major contributor to death in patients with leukemia and bone marrow transplants. And for adults with asthma, the fungus can also make their condition worse. Researchers have studied the materials in the pillows and found that the pillows used in the people contain a lot of fungi. There are thousands of fungal spores per gram of pillow material, and each pillow contains more than 1 million fungal spores. . Using these techniques, although you can't choose to be perfect, you can have it all. If you have some sudden situations, you should rely on your own temporary play.

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