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The face of the world, focus on ecological nature, energy resources, to redefine the personality of the nature of the nature of the personality is the source of inspiration for this series of topics.

Color, with the theme of thinking depth, to reflect the natural beauty of charm.

Champagne powder, blue, red and black the most expressive.

Lace lace natural sense of light material with dynamic wrinkle detail is the most classic definition of female personality.

狄梵思黛8月新品上市 全新升级一片式无钢圈

Pink Rose: First love, courtship, sweetness, love and special care

狄梵思黛8月新品上市 全新升级一片式无钢圈

Black Rose: You are a devil, and for me all

狄梵思黛8月新品上市 全新升级一片式无钢圈

Blue Rose: simple and honest, kind, light sad

狄梵思黛8月新品上市 全新升级一片式无钢圈

Red Rose: Passion, love, passionate love with you.

狄梵思黛8月新品上市 全新升级一片式无钢圈

1. This series of one-piece steel ring mold without molding, comfortable, pressure-free, concentrated and side push good effect, good stability.

2 than after the double elastic mesh breathable, resilient and good.

3. Chicken heart seamless cross-side design, a better reflection of the level of lace and visual sense.

4. Chicken heart decorated with crystal ornaments dotted, gorgeous and noble

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