Do not wear too tight winter warm footwear


[This site - footwear common sense] The weather is getting colder, warmth and health care is undoubtedly the focus of life during this time, some people think that they must be plugged tightly and tightly, they must be warm. However, in the eyes of experts, there are many misunderstandings.

Taking footwear and socks as an example, we all say that cold starts from the feet. Many people think that wearing tights and socks, shoes and socks, the best thermal effect. In fact, footwear is too tight and it is easier to freeze your feet. This is because wearing too tight shoes and socks will make the feet and legs feel “suffering”, the blood circulation will slow down, and the heat will not reach the feet effectively. As a result, the chance of frost damage on the feet will also increase.

Some high-top boots can hold the legs tightly, which is also not conducive to the blood circulation of the legs, so it is not conducive to keeping warm.

The heel is also elegant. It's best not to pick boots that are too tall or too thin for winter boots. For boots that are taller than 4 cm, if they are thin, wearing them on the feet will force the soles of the feet so that they will block the blood in the soles of the feet. Cycling, and the paw is the furthest from the heart, so it is very prone to frostbite. Therefore, pick the winter boots, the best selection of heel thick, less than 4 cm in height. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center)

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