Don't say no, there are four reasons for you to fall in love with Saitama.


As one of China's four famous jade, Saitama is rarely liked. Many people think that the quality of jade jade is better than that of Hetian jade. But there is no deep understanding of Daiyu, don't say it or not, Xiaobian gives you four reasons, and you must fall in love with Daiyu.

Reason one

Saitama investment collection starting point is low

There will always be friends and Xiaobian complaining that Hetian jade and jadeite are too expensive, and the investment in the collection can not afford ordinary people, then Saitama is your choice.


First of all, Saitama has a large amount of mineral resources and a large amount of mining. Therefore, in the market, Saitama is very common, so the price is relatively low. However, because the price of the jade jade is relatively low, the entry barrier is relatively low, which is suitable for most people to invest in collection.

Of course, not all jade jade is a low-grade jade, the most famous jade jade, the highest quality 180 material is also a kind of high-grade jade, although it is far less than the value of Hetian jade, but as an investment collection is a Good choice, so don't think that Saitama is just a broken stone with no value!

Reason two


You may not know that some Hetian jade and jadeite are often copied in the market. Many high-quality jadeites have the ability to fake in the Hetian jade and jade market.


The main component of Saitama is tremolite, so it has long been used as an imitation of jadeite. It is also a kind of green jade, so many newcomers and rookies who are new to the jade industry cannot distinguish between these two kinds of jade. Because it is not easy to think that Saitama is not good-looking, Saitama looks good, even Hetian Jade has to serve it!

And like Hetian jade jade, there are many trace elements in the jade jade. When wearing jade jewelry, it can let trace elements enter the human body, improve the blood circulation of the human body, and make the skin smoother and more rosy.

Reason three

Saitama town home security

Because of the relatively low price of jade jade, it is more used as a carving ornament. Most of these jade ornaments are placed in the living room of the home, which can play a role in keeping the town house safe.


It is possible that many Tibetan friends will place some jade ornaments at home, and more of them will serve as a pleasing watch, but don't ignore the effect of the jade house. Saitama itself has a strong magnetic field, which can regulate the indoor feng shui and protect the family from being invaded by evil spirits.

The most powerful town in the jade carvings is the 貔貅 and unicorn. This kind of beast can not only protect the family's peace, but also bring good luck and improve the family's fortune.

Reason four


I often see some restaurants or shops with some jade carvings. Many businessmen also like to put jade in their own homes. It is said that jade can be a good fortune and can bring wealth.


In the West, green is the main artery of economic society. Therefore, green can represent the development of the economy, and green jade can promote its own fortune. In China's Feng Shui, it happens that Yuyu is also the main business, for some business friends, you can make your business prosperous, and the financial resources are rolling!

For friends who want to make a fortune, there are also differences in the jade carvings. Generally, they are like carvings of gold or wealth, which can promote the prosperity of wealth.

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