Fanyu Home Textile: The color matching skills of bedding


People are sensory animals, and it is easy to respond to external stimuli. Therefore, for a place like home that takes almost half of the time with it every day, it must be specially designed. In order to be able to let the tired and depressed self, at home, in bed, can be fully relaxed and adjusted.

The famous home textile brand Fanyu Home Textile brings you the color matching skills of bedding:

The active bedding is green and purple, which helps to calm the mind and relax the mind and relieve tension. Patients with phobia and schizophrenia can choose green and purple bedding to see.

Light orange, sky blue and pink make people feel refreshed, happy and full of hope. Depression, anxiety patients may wish to choose pink, sky blue bed products.

Cyan helps to cause drowsiness, and patients with insomnia may wish to consider bed sheets, pillowcases and quilts with cyan as the main choice for bedding selection.

Milky white, ivory, white, wood color, these colors and human visual nerves are the most suitable, so whether it is bedding or furniture can be used as an alternative reference.

Fanyu Home Textile: The color matching skills of bedding

Fanyu Home Textile Tencel Silk Kit "A Midsummer Night"

In addition, the temperature in autumn and winter will fall, the weather will be cold, the color of the bedding should be warmer, and the thicker fabric should be chosen in the texture.

The color of the bedding is also not suitable for too much red, which will cause anxiety. Therefore, insomnia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular disease patients should not use red bedding or decorate the home, so as not to aggravate the condition.

Golden yellow is easy to cause emotional instability, so people with depression and madness should not use golden yellow bedding.

Fanyu Home Textile: The color matching skills of bedding

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