Flowers open to show elegant, elegant, aesthetic style


The flowers opened the brand clothing, luxury western Lolita style women's and traditional Chinese classic cheongsam dominated by feminine design elements, luxury, noble.


Show urban women desire romantic, elegant and unique taste, the pursuit of simplicity and fashion design resonate, showing elegance, noble, beautiful style.

花儿开了 展现优雅、高贵、唯美格调

At present, the flowers opened a franchise stores, franchise stores have been all over the country provinces and cities, franchise stores have been more than 400 stores, flowers opened a brand of clothing Main high-end fashion women, mainly for 18 to 40-year-old city female.

花儿开了 展现优雅、高贵、唯美格调

Professional create quality, service to create brand ", welcome to engage in brand discount women's, ready to engage in brand discount business development, or entrepreneurial dream of your 来人 calls Advisory, inspection. Flower opened a limited company is willing to work with you hand in hand, common Development, share the great discount brand women's development opportunities, welcomed the patrons!

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