Focus on December: Love yarn baby China will add ten stores


Over the past few years, located in the forefront of reform and opening up in Shenzhen, underwear industry's strong momentum of development, China's underwear industry has become an important research and development, production and export base, and the Chaoshan underwear plate, Zhejiang underwear plate par.

In contrast, Shenzhen underwear base more obvious advantages. In addition to the well-known world of underwear enterprises gathered in Shenzhen, there are Hong Kong's underwear brand influx of Shenzhen, showing the rapid rise of the trend. Love yarn baby is one of them.

At present, Love yarn has its own underwear processing plant in Shenzhen, a highlight of the Shenzhen underwear section of a star, its bold international war brand to declare war gesture, just like has become a mainland market into the motherland underwear a dark horse . A senior personage asserted accordingly: "Love yarn baby's rising trend has no one can stop, underwear field is about to rearrange seating."

It is understood that Love yarn apparel International Group (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 2009, in January 2010 in Shenzhen to set up Love yarn Clothing Co., Ltd, to process the production of basic underwear, body lingerie, fashion underwear, home service, such as three Main categories of underwear products, annual production capacity from the initial 600,000 to 6 million now. Love yarn since the baby landed in mainland China, in order to create the first brand of Chinese healthy underwear, the health care of women as the priority, every product has a connotation and cultural trends, opened up a new era of women's health and body sculpting. In February this year, Love yarn baby products were rated as "Top Ten Brands in China's underwear industry" to participate in 2011 the first "most concerned about the fall and winter clothing network selection activities" Love yarn to 1522 votes to get underwear third. Listed three years, Love yarn Baby in the high-quality products, unique design, scientific mode of operation with the support, rapid development, and thus become today's Shenzhen and even China's prestigious "underwear rookie."

Analysis of Love yarn Baby's development path, we can see that its rapid development thanks to its "store + counter + e-commerce," the unique mode of operation, thanks to love yarn high-quality + low-priced product positioning, benefit The rapid rise of the current online shopping family, but also benefit from the development environment in Shenzhen. In December, "Love yarn Baby" will open 10 new stores in China, namely Fuan Department Store Chongqing Shopping Mall, Maoyebai Shopping Mall Chengdu Yanshikou Shopping Mall, Kuangguang Shopping Mall Chengdu Shopping Mall, Chongbian Dianjiang Shopping Mall, Shibei Department Store Liaobu Shopping Mall, Jiaxing department store of Rainbow department store, Chengdu department store of Guangzhou department store, Zhongjiang department store of Yang department store, Zhejiang Pinghu mall of Shanghai famous department store, and Hongqiao shopping center in Tongxiang, Zhejiang. So far, Love yarn baby in mainland China the total number of stores exceeded 80. Chairman Zou Jifu said Love Baby will continue to expand its sales channels, occupy a larger market share, plans in 2012, Love yarn China region will reach 180 new stores, including Zhejiang and Chongqing plans to add stores A total of 50, other regions added 130 stores.

It is expected that with the accelerated pace of development of Love yarn baby brand, the competition between underwear is bound to become even more intense. Such competitive competition will certainly play a positive role in promoting the development of China's underwear industry. China's underwear history, leaving a strong impression.

"We welcome or even love this competitive situation, because it will prompt us to better serve our consumers, and ultimately benefit consumers." Zou Jifu proudly told reporters.

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