Gathering underwear how to choose which gather underwear is good


Small breast MM common misconceptions, that the thick underwear was chest, it is not true, the small chest should not choose too thick cup Oh, thick bra can make the chest more plump, but its aura will affect the chest The normal breathing of the skin. What you really need is an adjustable gather-up underwear. So, what kind of gather underwear is good? Gather underwear how to pick it? Xiaobian recommended Ya Qian underwear.


Black traceless underwear, no burden to wear any clothes, underwear on the thick under the mold cup, the fat on both sides to gather in the middle, and has the role of upward support, so that the small chest can also show charming cleavage.

聚拢内衣怎么选 哪款聚拢内衣好

Gather bra to be comfortable and breathable fabric, this pink powder underwear, lined with the best cotton design, comfortable and not pick people wear. Strapless underwear design for sexy cute woman Oh design.
Source: Ya Qian

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