Geometric pattern casual jacket with dynamic fashion personality freedom


Unique shape of the geometric patterns are abstract but not fashion color, designers clever use of geometric patterns to decorate clothing, highlighting the personality but also to meet their imaginative imagination. Whether it is the classic checkered pattern or a unique star, which can be vividly integrated, so that the mix between the single product is no longer boring, playful and fashionable elements truly feel the vitality of youth. UGIZ Korean casual brand blue, black and white battle between the formation of the classic plaid modeling, interpretation of the modern young urban people are not bound by the free personality, the British grid fashion to cater to the tastes of the younger generation show style. With the black T-shirt letters, dazzling unique color is the passion they want to express, black casual pants and retro Martin boots clever mix of full of color dress highlights the strong expression. UGIZ Korean casual brand is full of romantic stars and blue pattern of the bottom of the integration, just as the empty sky covered with a beautiful future for the imagination. Extremely relaxed profile to express casual youthful personality, Zhu color tight pants, embodies the color to bring a wonderful dressing experience, dynamic full of vitality with the tide of men and women tide romantic encounter in this season.

4u rack-mouted industrial control chassis, the standard specification height unit is 4U. . The main function of the industrial control cabinet is to place and fix computer accessories, which can play and protect. It is sconstituted chassis enclosures, cooling fans, brackets, panels, switches and indicators.

4U IPC Chassis

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