Health must know you wear high heels?


This site on May 19 hearing, many girls really love and hate high-heeled shoes, want to be beautiful but have to endure pain. How to wear high-heeled shoes is not only beautiful, but also non-destructive health, which is a lot of knowledge!

1、Select shoes

When choosing high-heeled shoes, the shoes must first stabilize. Put the shoes on the table, and then gently push, if you shake very much, do not buy, even the shoes themselves are unsteady how to make people comfortable?

Followed by the focus of observation. Put the shoes on the table and look sideways. If the toes are slightly tilted, the center of gravity is in the middle of the forefoot. The soles of the feet can be well distributed; if the entire toe is flat on the ground, the center of gravity will not move well. The allocation of power can not be selected.

2. Walking posture

Put on high heels and keep your upper body straight (pay attention to your posture, don't lean forward or back), breathe in your lower abdomen, and stop the air in your chest. With the thighs gently lifted to drive the lower leg forward and out of the pace, so that the body's center of gravity upward. When stepping on the ground, do not use the heel or toe to touch the ground, use the middle of the foot board to touch the ground, which can reduce the pressure on the legs when walking. Wearing high heels is originally intended to enhance the temperament, modified leg type, if you do not look up walking chest and abdomen it is better not to wear. Remember to always pay attention to the grasp of the center of gravity, we must try to focus on the middle of the foot.

3, or do not forget to step by step

To wear high heels is also to be gradual, from the beginning with the shoes are not too high to wear, starting from the 5CM, generally wear a few months, used to add 1CM, will soon be able to meet!

4 or pain? Do not be afraid, there is it - insoles!

Insole from a certain level can be described as a savior of high-heeled family, it can reduce the pain caused by wearing high heels, relieve the pressure of the forefoot, transparent and soft, easy to stop, stop, learn, learn, stop Recruitment is the best way to stay.屎 喔吒 喔吒 喔吒 喔吒 喔吒 喔吒 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 ? ? ? ? ? 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋

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