HOKABR Red Kai Bell brand new women's clothing hit to create beautiful decoration


HOKABR RedKebel Women's interpretation of the fine interpretation is not just simple and not simple, but also the interpretation of the modern woman's inner desire for the pursuit of personality, and passion for the release of a better life, RedKell elegant, romantic, aristocratic atmosphere, regardless of HOKABR will continue to meet the needs of consumers and guide consumers to the advanced way of life for the eternal pursuit of the same time, to lead the international fashion trend as a responsibility , Add to your content, not mean.

红凯贝尔 - HOKABR

HOKABR红凯贝尔品牌女装新品来袭 打造靓丽装容

Red Ke Bell HOKABR women similar to the fashion girl, when the 2013 summer new attack, is the beauty of the women pour out of the nest. Red Kai Beier close to the pace of international trends, high-quality fabrics and unique design style by the love of fashion women of all ages, was deeply attracted by its innovative style.

HOKABR红凯贝尔品牌女装新品来袭 打造靓丽装容

HOKABR红凯贝尔品牌女装新品来袭 打造靓丽装容

Founded in 1999, the French Red Tribe (International) Group Co., Ltd. is a high-end women's wear company integrating brand research and development, brand planning, brand production and brand sales. The company has a strong production capacity to ensure the rapid and timely supply of goods, quality assurance and replenishment time to meet market demand. The people-oriented company, committed to creating the country's best women's brand , now in the country have many provincial agents and a number of franchise stores, has formed a solid sales system. In the era of fashionable, hoping to cooperate with people with lofty ideals to create a model of women's fashion.


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