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With the development of technology, there are more and more types of bedding, such as the buckwheat pillow in the pillow, which has attracted the attention of many customers. So, do you know what effect the buckwheat pillow has? How do I need to clean?

In general, buckwheat pillows have the functions of aromatic sputum, promoting blood circulation, calming the nerves, stimulating the brain, regulating the viscera, and regulating the yin and yang. The main purpose is to use the theory of four flavors, five flavors, lifting and sinking and returning to the classics. Can promote sleep.

The buckwheat pillow is suitable for all people who are allergic to buckwheat products. Some people think that buckwheat leather pillow is the most suitable pillow for the elderly, which is more effective for improving the sleep of the elderly.

So how do you need to maintain the buckwheat pillow?

First of all, pillows and pillowcases need to be cleaned, aired, and replaced frequently. Secondly, whether the pillows can be washed, it is best to look at the product description and washing standards. If it is washable, avoid exposure, and it is recommended to use water below 40 °C.

Many consumers often forget the pillow when cleaning bedding, pillowcases and other bedding. It is recommended that the pillow core is often air-dried and disinfected, kept hygienic, and the pillow core should not be used until it is bad, at least every two years.

Antibacterial Mask

When putting mask on, place shiny side to face with pleats facing downward. Pull loops over ears, and adjust to tightly cover the nose and mouth (or respirator if combined). If a tighter fit is required, the loops can be twisted before placing over ears.

To remove contaminated mask, avoid touching outer layer of mask or your face. Remove from ears, only touching loops, and immediately put into washer, sterilizer or safe storage.

Clean mask by washing or sterilizing before re-use every time. Sanitize hands immediately after handling contaminated masks each time. Clean after multiple use or if soiled. Discard if damaged or torn.

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