Home textiles contain "toxic" consumers how to protect themselves


Nowadays, people's quality of life is increasing, and the design and quality of home textiles are also improving. However, with the gradual release of the huge consumer potential in the home textile market, some inferior products have appeared on the market. These products tend to be very beautiful in style, but once washed, they will fade and shrink. Even worse, the composition, content, and pH of the fabric are unqualified, which can cause skin allergies and other diseases. At the end of last year, in the quality monitoring results of bedding products in the circulation field notified by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, a brand was found to be an azo dye capable of carcinogenic aromatic amines.

It is reported that there are four major problems in home textile products. First, the content of the ingredients is not consistent with the actual; the second is the color fastness; the third is the pH is unqualified; the fourth is that some of the raw materials can not be used in clothing and bedding.

In the production process of textiles, some dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agents are added. These finishing agents will contain or produce substances harmful to the human body. According to relevant experts, the pH value of human skin surface is weakly acidic, and the pH value of textiles exceeds the standard, which will affect the acid-base environment of human skin, destroy the bacterial balance on the skin surface, and cause skin allergies and other diseases. Some ingredients may cause cancer when exposed to long-term exposure.

Countermeasure: The unqualified pH value, composition and safety index of some textiles are closely related to the poor control of the dyeing raw materials by the production enterprises and the improper control of the process in the dyeing and finishing process. If the unqualified products enter the market, it is very likely to infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. If consumers purchase or use products that are not qualified for random inspection, they may bring the manufacturers to court or go to the relevant departments to complain to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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