Identify the true and false seeds first to learn to see the pores


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There is a saying in the line: "The seed material has been peeled off, and the gods can't recognize it." With or without sweat pores, it is a real trick to identify true and false seeds. The real seed material, no matter how delicate, has numerous tiny and dense pores on the surface, much like the pores on the skin of the human body. It is necessary for novices to read more and talk more.

The pore is the loss of crystal

Because white jade is interwoven crystal, the crystal is not as uniform as the mineral of a single crystal. That is to say, some parts will be dense and some will be small. Therefore, in natural riverbeds, the impact of water will form undulating nature. The surface of the skin. Any artificial polishing is not completely uniform and concave, and its formation is not affected by the distribution of crystal density of jade itself.

Looking at the pores at close range, what is it like?

The surface of the seed material is often filled with tiny blisters like the pores of the skin. The entire epidermis has a moist and uneven hemp pit shape. This is the result of years of watering and sanding in the river.

The so-called pores mean that no matter how delicate the seed jade has undergone thousands of years of experience in the natural state, it will form numerous small holes in his surface, very like human sweat pores, which are generally not artificially forged. It is very clear to look at it or look under the magnifying glass.

If you have no experience, on which river beach, you can pick a few pebbles with a certain degree of smoothness. If you look closely, you will know what the pores of the seed jade are. Of course, the pores of the pebbles are bigger, because his hardness is better than Hetian. Jade is much lower. The polishing material or the surface of the rolling material has only worn-out wear marks and scars, and there is no "pores" in the natural state. Therefore, it is very effective to use pores to identify true and false seed jade. Direct observation of jade.

No matter how sophisticated the means of fraud, the texture and color of fake seeds are not as delicate, soft and moist as natural seed, not so fresh, not so spiritual and affinity. The premise of using this trick is to look at it and get started. The seed material looks much more and plays much more. It feels natural.

Looking for "fine pores"

The real Hetian jade seed material, no matter how delicate, will have numerous fine pores on its surface, much like the "fine pores" on human skin. This feature of the seed material can be clearly seen with a magnifying glass of about 10 times. While the artificially ground seed is very similar to the shape of the real seed, the surface is quite smooth, bright and has a trace of scratches, and there is no "fine pores". It is most effective to find the “fine pores” method to identify true and false seeds.

The most practical way to look at the pores is to look at the surface of a seed, the concave part of the pores is thicker, the convex part of the pores is fine, and the pores from the fine to the coarse excess is very natural and uniform. Understand this, I found the secret to see the pores of the seed.

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