Insufficient sleep affects genes or causes heart disease


Core Tip: UK sleep research expert Derk-Jan Dijk and his team report in a recent research report that lack of sleep can alter the body's gene expression, leading to a variety of diseases such as obesity, heart disease and cognitive impairment. Wait.

According to a report by the Record Japan News Network on February 28th, the British sleep research expert Derk-JanDijk and his research team pointed out in a recent research report that lack of sleep can change the body's gene expression, which leads to a variety of diseases, such as obesity. , heart disease and cognitive impairment.

It is understood that the research team used dozens of volunteers to divide into two groups according to sleep time of 6 hours and 10 hours for a one-week comparison survey. The blood sample analysis team of volunteers found that people with insufficient sleep found in the group. 711 gene expressions were affected.

In addition, compared with people with adequate sleep, the gene circadian rhythm of the lack of sleep also appeared disordered, and the peak and amplitude of gene expression were all weakened. After one week of comparative statistics, the number of genes affected by the sleep-deficient population reached Seven times as many people with adequate sleep.

In response, the research team recommends that adults sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day.

Gene expression refers to the transformation of genetic information stored in a DNA sequence into a biologically active protein molecule during the life process.


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