Introduction to jewelry knowledge, super jewelry analysis!


1. Coral - Millennium Spirit

The beautiful coral is the only life-threatening millennium in jewels. It is shiny, warm and pleasing. Coral is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is regarded as the incarnation of the incarnation. It is a symbol of noble power, eternal wisdom, wealth and auspiciousness. It can be used for lucky treasures and promotes people's fate. It can be used for Buddhist spiritual repairs. The Tibetan lama sorghum holds more coral rosary. It has also been regarded as a holy product by the emperors of all ages. The ancient Romans called it "red gold." She can promote blood circulation, prevent gynecological diseases, and help the growth of skin, nails, and hair. It has functions such as promoting blood circulation, eyesight, and fever. Patients with heart disease and nervous system diseases also Very suitable for belting. Children wear corals to protect their bones and grow healthy and strong. According to the latest foreign research, coral can be used for bone grafting, medicine can cure ulcers, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, known as "modern elixir". She helps to improve the human mind level and maintain a high degree of sensitivity. The chaotic situation has a clear and harmonious effect. Red corals represent passion and passion and can enhance the sexy charm of women.

2. Hair Crystal - Stone of Energy

Hair crystals are natural crystals that contain different types of acicular ore inclusions. Titanium crystal and blond crystal are the most powerful in the hair crystal group, with six main energy sources, positive wealth, partial wealth, popularity, evil spirits, health, and anti-small people. Silver hair crystals represent light, which allows people to have the power of purification and introspection, symbolizing peace, health, perfection, and disaster relief. Black hair crystal is known for eliminating negative energy. It can eliminate bad turbidity, effectively prevent interference from bad magnetic fields, and has the effect of blessing and dying. Red hair crystal symbolizes youth and vitality, can promote hormone secretion, and is beneficial to blood circulation, metabolism, beauty and beauty. Huang Fajing is famous for his wealth, and both rationality and intellectuality can help the subject make the right decision. Green hair crystal is regarded as one of the most crystal-rich crystals, because it contains the minerals of the actinolite, which helps the male's sexual function to strengthen. Rabbit hair crystal, also known as Venus crystal, radiates warm and feminine temperament, reveals self-confidence and positive action in warmth, can adjust female physiology, promote blood circulation and endocrine, comfort emotions, beauty and beauty.

3. Agate - the stone of happiness

Agate has been a popular jade since ancient times and is one of the ancient "seven treasures". She can balance positive and negative energy, eliminate stress, maintain physical and mental harmony, enhance loyalty and courage, and promote happiness and longevity. Many countries regard the stalking onyx and olivine as the "birthstone of August". Westerners call her "the stone of happiness", symbolizing the love of husband and wife, and adjusting the feelings between themselves and their loved ones. Agate is one of the most effective gemstones. The red red agate can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, improve gas color, and remove sexual barriers. The orange-colored red agate can activate the internal organs, prevent constipation, expel toxins, and have a soothing effect on liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, and varicose veins. Red agate is the top grade of agate, so in the "Ge Gu", there is a saying that "agate is not red."

4. Amethyst - the stone of wisdom

Amethyst color with purple is due to the infiltration of trace iron. The frequency is quite high, corresponding to the eyebrow wheel, which can promote cell activity of the cerebellum, right brain and central nervous system and increase sleep quality. It can develop intelligence, improve intuition, thinking, mindfulness, memory, and the nickname "stone of wisdom", which is an indispensable tool for students and office workers or creators who need to think about their brains. She can eliminate domineering, bring extravagance, strengthen tolerance, tolerance, and help the leader to let the subordinates believe in the service of life for you, with the meaning of "because of wealth." Amethyst is also a social stone, which is introverted and helps people often meet. Amethyst is the "guardian stone of love" in the Western countries. It can give deep love, chastity, honesty and courage to couples and couples. It is often used as a love stone for couples. The international gem world has designated amethyst as "the birthstone of February." The Japanese called amethyst as an energy stone. Amethyst is one of the most energetic feng shui tools for resisting infectious diseases and suppressing evil. It is sought after by collectors.

5. Jade - the king of jade

Emerald is the crown of jade, mainly produced in Myanmar. The value of jade is mainly determined by color, transparency, texture, land, species, cockroaches, cracks, crafts, and so on. Emerald "green" emphasizes "strong, positive, yang, and". "Transparency" is commonly known as "water head" in the line. The high transparency is the water head and the higher the value. “Texture” refers to the structure of jadeite, also known as the foundation and the ground. The delicateness and roughness of the texture affect its value. “Dizi” refers to the part of the jade that is removed from the green, also known as the “bottom”. The ground reflects the background and structure of the jade. “Plant” refers to the general term for the green and transparency of jade, which is an important indicator for judging the quality of jade. Jadeite is naturally affected by geological environment and contains many impurities. The jadeite that has not been treated is called “A goods”. The polymer is injected into it and consolidated into “Jade Filling Treatment”, ie “B goods”. Among them, the color of dyed green, purple and so on is “Jade dyeing treatment”, that is, “C goods”. The treated jadeite is difficult to distinguish from the untreated jade, and the price of the same jadeite may vary by tens of thousands of times.

6. White crystal - the king of crystal

White crystals are the most widely distributed and largest in the entire crystal population. She is crystal clear and contains connotations such as ice cracks and clouds, which are very beautiful. White is a combination of all light colors, representing balance and beauty. White crystal has the function of focusing, concentrating and expanding memory. It is a complex of all energy, known as the crystal king. Baijing is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It can be used to town, ward off evil spirits, block cockroaches, purify the whole body, remove the disease, and move forward. White crystal crystal spheres, crystal clusters and crystal columns are extremely popular feng shui treasures, which are sought after by collectors.

7. Huang Jing - the stone of wealth

Citrine is called "Crystal Topaz". It has strong energy and corresponds to the sun wheel. It is a rational body that enhances self-confidence, helps to calm emotions, strengthens aura, and brings wisdom and joy. The main umbilical cord of citrine can strengthen the stomach and digestive organs, especially the stomach cold, and it is also effective for the pancreas and endocrine nervous system. Huang Jing, also known as the "stone of wealth", can enhance the yellow light in the gas field, affect material life and partial wealth, suitable for placement in the financial position of the home or office. Westerners regard Huang Jing as the birthstone of November, which is known as the "stone of friendship". It represents sincerity and perseverance, meaning beauty and intelligence, symbolizing richness and vitality. The citrine combines the strength of the spirit and the body to establish and maintain a person's spiritual vitality, so that people can remain rational and clear, down-to-earth, break through difficulties, and achieve goals. Huang Jing is superior to Ming Ying's innocent and yellow-yellow color, and is sought after by collectors.

8. Amethyst - the stone of communication

Ametrine is slowly faded by the amethyst after the high temperature of natural geothermal heat. She has the texture of amethyst and the color of citrine. It is gradually gradual in the intersection of purple and yellow. Beautiful and lovable. She has the dual functions of Amethyst and Huang Jing, which can attract both fortune and wealth. She has the function of blending two extreme energies, which can increase the tolerance of the wearer and coordinate the surrounding entanglements with ease. It is the most suitable communication geek for partnership, parent-child communication, senior officials, couples and couples. It is said that only Bolivia produces amethyst, and the high quality amethyst is very rare and very expensive.

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