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"Sports, performance, free and easy athlete spirit" is Nike's pursuit of a personalized corporate culture. This distinctive corporate culture is an anti-traditional concept of corporate image, was founded by the company founder Philip Knight. Founded by Nike as Blue Ribbon Sporting Goods, Nike was created for simulation with a paper from Knight when attending Stanford Graduate School of Business. As the founder of the company, Knight never stops the personal struggle and business ethics throughout the business operations. Peter Ball, an Oregon legend trainer who specializes in running shoes for his star athlete. He told Knight that a track and field team is made up of individual players, each of whom must progress hard to improve his or her performance. The athlete's tenet is "No Endpoints." The price waterhouse gave the inspiration is "the most basic principle of business conduct." Nike's history is the process of continuous dialogue between the two creeds and is a process of coordinating the individual's fighting spirit with the commercial constraints of athletes. Knight and Bower began co-founder of the Blue Ribbon, and in 1972 changed its name to Nike. Never stop is Nike's corporate culture. At the time, the dominance of the US sneaker market was Adidas, Puma and Tiger. In the early 1970s jogging started to rise and millions of people began to wear sneakers, which were comfortable to wear but also healthy and young symbols - a figure most people aspire to! Sneakers are on the way, but led by Adidas. "Iron Triangle" did not grasp this trend, "Nike" is running into. In 1974, Bowerman coached a type of urethane rubber in the iron mold of a roasted waffle to create a new shoe sole. This sole is a "Walnut" style, the sole has a small rubber round nails, so that it is more flexible than the other popular soles of the market, this product innovation to promote the cause of Knight, the product quickly open the market, Nike 1976 The sales window soared from $ 8.3 million the previous year to $ 14 million. Nike sales in full swing, the company invested heavily in the development of new style running shoes, the late 70s, Nike has nearly 100 researchers, many people have biological, chemical, experimental biology, engineering, industrial design, chemistry and a variety of related Leadership degree. Strong research efforts to develop more than 140 kinds of products, many products are the most innovative market and the most advanced technology. These styles, designed according to different styles of feet, body weight, running speed, training program, gender and skill levels, different styles and different price uses, have attracted millions of runners and made them feel that Nike is the most complete Running shoes manufacturer. Relying on the never-ending corporate philosophy, in 1979, Nike plans to launch new products and its strong marketing, the market share of 33%, squeezed into Adidas, Puma and Tiger built the "Iron Triangle" and become the sales star . In 1981, its market share even reached 50%, far ahead of Adidas, Knight entered Forbes magazine's coveted 400-rich U.S. list. Nike is a pioneering, adventurous company that has nurtured a well-designed culture at the location of the verdant Oregon company. Every six months, Knight's management team to meet to discuss strategies. This big noisy party is known as tit for tat tit. Knight encouraged confrontation, encouraged confrontation, and he, like everyone else, accepted the allegations of others. Nike business location, like the campus, there are forests, jogging trails, lakes, soccer fields. Knight hopes to create a peaceful working environment. He believes the world is chaotic and the working hours should be as free as the family. Nike distinctive corporate culture, attracting a large number of young people, 40% of Nike employees under the age of 30, their day's work is so arranged; noon time in the "campus" sports and leisure center for two hours, and then worked until night , They are very loyal to the company, Nike's management is not rigorous, but must break the strong belief of Adidas unity of the entire team together. The company's marketing staff said: "We instinctively can judge, what is the Nike company to do, what is the Nike company does not do." Adidas belongs to the orthodox school, Nike attaches great importance to those who hate orthodox those athletes, Such as Steve Prynne, the champion of the athletics world, James Dean, scoffing at the amateur federation; Eli Nastas, Horrifying figure. These anti-traditional athletes funded by Nike, the Nike company full of challenging the orthodox, dynamic image. Knight flirt with the company she founded. It is as emotional as her own child. As long as he deems it necessary, he takes hands every day and goes out into the office. Knight most of the time stay in the office next door hut. With dirty clothes on the floor, piles of stuff and papers next to it, and few other people entering his room, Knight grumbled, "Once people get into your house, they go in and out all day , And what I need is thinking. "Nike defeated Adidas in the U.S. market with its own entrepreneurial spirit, and Nike's emphasis on producing men's sports seemed evident when Reebok emerged as a major competitor in the early 1980s Some are short-sighted. Nike actually failed to predict the importance of soft leather areobic shoes such shoes by women's favor. In 1986, Reebok exceeded Nike and became the industry leader. Knight inspired, he developed the rules of the management, in support of the central task of maintaining trademark reputation. In 1981, he embarked on the transformation of the company. He divides a large footwear division into smaller divisions, each with a sporting-type sneaker, which accelerates the product development process by connecting a production, sales, advertising campaign The system of the company formed a whole. The result is that the company works together to develop a variety of shoes, and advertising as a means to Nike shoes create a powerful, sensational effect image.

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