NO.19 Women's fast fashion attitude to life


NO.19 fashionable women's wear , advocating fashion, personality, they are a group of love life, love music, love to travel, they are radiant in every corner of the world.

They are lovely girlfriends in front of girlfriends, in front of her boyfriend is a gentle sheep, their youth contradictory combination, love shopping, like all kinds of gadgets, this is a warm-headed attitude.

Advocate "fast fashion fashion" concept of life, to deal with the complex social complex, fast-paced lifestyle, their dress every day with whom changes in mood and change.

花园街19号 - NO.19

Travel, fall in love with a city, probably because of falling in love with someone in this city.

NO.19女装 快时尚生活态度

To work, travel, appointments, Party, I have my style, different moods can find their favorite clothes, this is the No. 19 Fashion Street, Women's Fashion wardrobe around you.

2012 autumn and winter orders will be "live" is about to be held!

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