note! Cover thick quilt injury respiratory tract


In winter, people's quilts are thickened. Some people even cover two or three layers of thick quilts, which affect sleep and cause damage to the respiratory tract.

In winter, there are few windows to open, the oxygen content is relatively small, and thick cotton is pressed on the chest, causing slight hypoxia. Thick cotton quilts are dusty, and several layers of dust are inhaled into the respiratory tract, which has certain effects on the respiratory mucosa, especially in patients with bronchitis and emphysema. This method of covering is likely to cause disease recurrence.

Thick cotton is not good for ventilation, it is very warm at night, the pores are wide open, and suddenly wake up in the morning, which is vulnerable to wind and cold. The best bedding in winter is duvet, wool, etc. If you feel not warm enough, you can add a layer of blanket on it.

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