Office Pop Folding Plastic Vase


Office Pop Folding Plastic Vase There is a kind of vase, light but not thin, strong and never broken, transparent and full of air, can also be folded and stored like paper, filled with water and standing upright like a glass vase. This is a folding plastic vase. Recently, this vase was loved by office workers and put it on the desk to become fashionable.

According to Yiwu International Trade City business households, folding plastic vases are not broken compared to glass vases. Compared with plastic vases, they can be folded, easily carried, save space and energy, and are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The large transparent vase can also be used as a fish tank, and is widely used in offices, homes, hotels, hotels, cafes and other places. Folded plastic vases, patterns, patterns rich style, strong viewing, make up the previous glass vases single color, no pattern defects.

At present, folding plastic vases on the Yiwu market have a wholesale price of about 1 yuan each, and the retail price is about 3 yuan each. Before use, first put hot water, make the vase soft, and then shape it into your own shape as you like, then put it in cold water, and finally insert the flowers.

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