Southwest Textile: Spinning Enterprise Gauze Continues to Block High Prices


This week (October 18 to October 22, 2010), the high price of cotton and polyester short-term was blocked, and the textile yarns and fabrics of the members of the Southwest Textile Market continued to increase.

This week, the 428-level State Reserve cotton price auctioned by Sichuan and Chongqing Textile Co., Ltd. was 24,520 yuan/ton. According to the reports of the member textile companies, the price of cotton in the Sichuan and Chongqing areas was relatively chaotic, with the highest price reaching 26,000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price ranging from 2.56 to 2.59 yuan/ton. Under the situation of high cotton prices, textile companies have recently used a large number of polyester and short-term alternatives, and limited supply of large chemical fiber polyesters and staples, and prices have continued to rise. The highest price has reached 13,400 yuan/ton, and the actual mainstream price is about 13,000 yuan/ton. . Due to the shortage of raw materials for bottle-level slicing, China Chemical Fiber & Polyester and Polyester Co., Ltd. prices have also risen to 1.03-1.04 ten thousand yuan per ton. The rising raw material prices pushed up the prices of various textile companies and cloths and continued to increase their prices. At the same time, it also caused the textile companies to feel great concern about the risks of the market. For the purchase of raw materials, all textile companies said that they can only look at one step at a time and purchase small batches to maintain production. As a result, cotton and polyester prices have slowed down. .

This week, textile companies and single-knit companies generally raised yarn and cloth quotas in large areas, and the main sections for price adjustment were polyester-cotton blended yarns and cloths. The price of T90/C10 45 polyester/cotton yarns was up to RMB 22,300/tonne, up by RMB 2,300/tonne; the price of T65/C35 45 polyester/cotton yarns was up to RMB 28,000/tonne, up by RMB 2800/ton; T80/C20 20×16 120× 60 63 "Polyester/cotton yarn card quotation is 9.90 yuan/m, and the increase rate is 1.5 yuan/m; T90/C10 45x45 110x76 63" polyester/cotton fine fabric is quoted at 5.30 yuan/m, and the increase rate is 0.90 yuan/m. The price adjustment factor is mainly due to the rise in polyester staple prices. According to the relevant textile enterprises, some small textile companies have already shut down a large number of bedding products that are involved in cotton because of their fear of high risks.

This week, Sichuan Yingfeng, Great Britain Tianjiao, Huarun Jinhua, Xining Xinxin, Sichuan Kangyin, Leshan Baofa, Neijiang Kunxin, Hongya Lantian, Mianyang Textile, Sichuan Yulan, Chengdu Jinhe, Chongqing Samsung, Leshan Yuchuan and A total of 14 enterprises in Sichuan Jiafu have adjusted their varieties and quotations. Please pay attention to relevant customers.

October 20, 2010 Yizheng special power: Yizheng chemical fiber market polyester short mainstream market price of 1,280-13,000 yuan / ton; Sinopec polyester short 13,000 yuan / ton; polyester chip market price of 10,800 yuan / ton.

This week the southwestern textile market has a price of 13,000-13,400 yuan/ton for cotton-based polyester staples.

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