Teesky fashionable women's interpretation of beautiful youth cheap parity


Our long experience in manufacturing European and American apparel brand agents , over the years of experience, so that we pay attention to changes in Europe and the United States feel exceptionally sensitive and self-cultivation, development and grasp the strength of the global fashion trend. From production, design to completion, we learn and familiar with every detail, familiar. Confidence, professionalism and a concern for women's apparel, so we decided to take the next step, the positive transformation and development, created a handmade company's own clothing brand Teesky.


We often find that many young girls lead to a failed appointment, a disappointing gathering because they are not wearing clothes, or, at an important moment in life, they wear the wrong clothes because they can not find the clothes that belong to youth Caused regret, feel lost. Young girls should not be left with only a few sets of uniforms in the wardrobe, which belongs to the general age of flowers, there should be dedicated to youthful clothes.

Teesky时尚女装 诠释美好青春的平价美衣

Therefore, we hope that we can make cheap clothes that can explain beautiful youth for every girl. Each piece of clothing is tailored to fit the delicate fabrics, comfortable texture makes the dress itself is a pleasure to enjoy, comfortable to do their own; design into young elements, youth DNA, popular colors, that youth will never be outdated, each wearing Girls on it can be more bright, full of confidence, to become the focus.

Whether it is young girls, or just entering the society of light-Mature women, we want to make you like a blossoming flower, forever beautiful bloom. Each costume is born to make you feel the most true self

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