"Ti Reina" presents a unique, free, pure clothing state


The design of " Ti Reina " comes from the personal understanding of the urban lifestyle, respecting the individual characteristics, and designing the brand concept with the original and potential personality charm of the wearer.

"Ti Reina" has been created to the same goal: presents a unique, free, pure clothing status and attitude to life.

"Ti Reina" means modest simplicity, a redefinition of the individual woman, and a modern concept of dress for women.


Style positioning:

"Tilna" adhering to the Japanese-European style positioning, choose a low-key "weak open" style, which is both a brand-style generation strategy, but also an anti-style strategy.

Tilrena is a fashionable introverted style that embodies an introverted, impressed, narrative style that does not add unwanted decoration. She does not express, does not express itself in strong local or lines, but emphasizes metaphor, Embody the natural beauty of modern women from the inside out.


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