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This site on August 3 hearing, striped shirts, one of the most talked about by everyone: the striped shirt is not easy to wear, but it is difficult to wear personality, how to do? This is almost all common features of the basic models. These classic and stylish items on the IT Girls are worn by most ordinary people. Although they are less error-prone, they seem to be difficult to wear styles - so they can become IT Girl for a reason. . Fortunately, we can steal from them. Here's what to say, how to wear an ordinary stripe T out of color.

Simply put, I think the most easy to copy with -

1, striped shirt + jeans = vitality

Jeans and striped shirts are comparable to one another, which is the most insecure combination. Regardless of the color, almost all kinds of jeans can be used with striped shirts.

2, striped + bib = age

Age-reduction straps have been popular items since last year. It is often asked how to take the bib. In fact, striped shirt is its good friend. It is neither overly childish nor overly boring. It not only has age-reducing effects, but also looks very generous.

3, stripes + bibs = age

Age-reduction straps have been popular items since last year. It is often asked how to take the bib. In fact, striped shirt is its good friend. It is neither overly childish nor overly boring. It not only has age-reducing effects, but also looks very generous. With short paragraph bib pants. The sense of vintage on the left is strong, and the scarf on the right is a good idea

4, stripes + black skirt = generous

Striped shirt can be matched with all lengths and black skirts of all styles. But with the Midi A-line skirt, it is particularly intellectual and generous, there is no problem at work. Common A small black skirt and wrap dress.

5, striped shirt + various coats = universal

The more universal point of a striped shirt is that it can coexist peacefully with all coats. It is not as plain as a white T-shirt, but it does not seem very pompous. It is a good friend for all coats. Quickly take out the jackets from your home that you don't know how to take a long time. Striped shirt and various colors of the suit jacket can be equipped with a face

Advanced wear

The above collocation may have been tried by you, but there is no bright spot. Why is this? Because there are still some people who don't know much about wearing a striped shirt to wear small secrets. This tells you -

1, white pants

Although it can be said that striped shirts and colored pants can match, I tell you responsibly that it is the best combination with white pants, especially in the summer. It is so magical that the combination of striped shirt and white pants can quickly make your outfit up a notch. Of course, when choosing a striped shirt, in order to have more summer Feel, choose a white area that is as large as possible, or use white elements as much as possible when working with other items, and make white the dominant color of the whole body. With a fashionable French woman like this

2, add a little red

The ultra-practical and careful machine for making stripe shirts color is to add a little red in the overall shape. Such as adding red bags or red shoes and other accessories, the ordinary one immediately makes people shine.

3, white shoes

Smart is like you, estimates have been found, in all the shapes, striped shirts and white shoes are very good look, whether it is white high-heeled shoes or sports shoes, because the white shoes can be fitted with the striped shirt white, echoing the ocean atmosphere .

4, striped shirt to wear to wear more beautiful

Striped shirts can be worn to wear more prominent waist, while the overall look will be even more neat. And most importantly, once the striped elements are applied over a large area, it is easy to have a feeling of expansion. Placing the loose striped shirt directly on the outside will make the whole H-shaped.

5, do not ignore the role of the hat

All basic outfits don't ignore the role of the hat, especially in the summer, a hat can not only shade, but also quickly upgrade the style. In the usual shopping, you can see special seductive accessories that must not be soft, and they are needed on the road leading to fashion fines.

6, stripes with a printed skirt to be cautious

Although the stripe is a wild single product, but there is a match but it should be careful. That is with the printing. Printed skirts that are too flowery can make your eyes very busy with striped shirts. The following is a mix of eye-busting. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: Cartier Karma)

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