Veken Home Textile wins brand and quality


Veken Home Textile wins brand and quality Veeco Home Textiles Henan Changge franchisee Jia Hui talked about the five-year history of joining Veken. He always showed a grateful attitude. She thanked Veken textile leaders for their recognition of her performance and thanked every staff member of Veken Home Textiles for her support. She believes that with the care and support of Veken Home Textiles, her performance today will only make her share so much happiness in her career.

April 2006 was a time she could never forget. Vik Home Textiles Changge Store opened in the sound of gunfire and family and friends. Since then she has been a Vicker and determined to fight for Vico's career!

Looking back at the past, let Jia Hui feel the deepest is "Vico wins the brand, the emphasis is on character."

First, a very important one, Vickers home textiles are genuine. Second, it is service. When customers enter the store, they see not only a wide range of products, but also the status of service personnel and personality charm. Treat each "God" as his own good sister, good friend or even loved one. She will trust you without compromise and will ask you which one is best and which color is more suitable. Let the customer buy a good product, but also satisfied with the service, comfortable, let her next time you buy bed products, think of Vico.

It is also important to maintain the membership. Many times, members do not care about an umbrella, a cup, or a blanket. What she wants is psychological balance. An old member remembered that one year on her birthday, the head of the Veken textile market drove to her house to deliver an umbrella. This matter still has her memory so far, and she could not forget Vico.

Every event such as the anniversary, from the advertising company to the purchase, shipment, Veken home textile market is often busy with the franchisee until late at night. On one occasion, Manager Liu lost his throat due to overwork. Everyone was advised to go back and rest, but she said, leave me alone, insist on squeaking and gesturing at the scene. When the anniversary was over, she lived in.

Many Vickers, such as Mao, Wei, Li Ying, and other supervisors of Veeco Home Textiles Henan Branch, devoted their efforts to the development of Changge Home Textiles. Their passionate work performance and touching stories are as vivid as they are.

Jia Hui said from the bottom of her heart: Veken is really great. Vickers are really amazing. Veken is not a person, Veken is everyone. She hopes that in the future, Veken will continue to develop unique products such as Warm Sleep and Tencel kits to market. She sincerely wishes Vickers Home Textiles to be more brilliant and brilliant tomorrow!

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