Wei Ni Wei Xi Men deduced a low-key luxury temperament


The VENI & VICI brand is a well-known Italian men's fashion brand from Italy. It has more than 20 years of history in Italy (1985-2005). It was acquired by Jiangsu Laosan Group in 2005 and officially started operations in China (including Hong Kong) in 2006 Expand work. Currently in mainland China has stationed in Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Hubei and many other large department stores. Brand adhering to the Italian romanticism, the integration of modern Chinese dress style and cultural connotation, emphasizing the concept of modern dress, which deduced the VENI & VICI brand unique low-key luxury style. VENI & VICI brand advocates the naturalism of the way we wear, highlighting the charm of fashion men carrying the spirit of clothing to deduce a low-key luxury brand tone, for the fashion, personality, tasteful man to provide true my dress space. VENI & VICI fulfills their fashion pursuit of self-expression and individuality. VENI & VICI is working to create a colorful and personalized choice of dress for these vibrant young people. VENI & VICI is not only a fashion casual wear brand, but also represents a modern young man a courageous challenge, never give in with the attitude of life.

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