What is the meaning of the Ping An buckle?


Jade has always been a symbol of goodness in China. It used to be a symbol of theocracy and royal power, so it is generally believed that it can ward off evil. In the jade shop, Pingan buckle is a very common jade pendant. Its style is simple and simple, but it has been loved by most people. It is said that wearing a safety buckle can exorcise evil and keep it safe. In ancient times, it was also called "Huaiou" and "Rohan Eye." ".

The safety button is like a ring, and its circular appearance conforms to the Chinese aesthetic and is a traditional accessory. It has some similarities in ancient copper coins, and the ancients believed that copper coins can keep peace, but the copper coins lacked aesthetics. At this time, Hetian jade's safety buckle appeared, which was not only beautiful but also had a good meaning. The outer circle of the peace buckle symbolizes the vast world, and the inner circle prays for peace and tranquility.

In addition to the ring-shaped safety buckle, there is also a four-season safety buckle, which is generally shaped like a single green bean pod. Its origin is because in the ancient temples, the four seasons of pods are made into vegetables, so the seasoned pods are used as a safety buckle to the jade pendant, which means peace and perfection.

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