What to pay attention to when buying gold ornaments


People's living standards have improved, and consumption has risen. This year's gold price is also unusually low. This is also crazy for friends who buy gold ornaments. So what should you pay attention to when buying gold ornaments? Gold ornaments are good, but when buying, you should also pay attention to some details. It’s not a random purchase, or you will suffer. The following small series will tell you what to pay attention to when buying gold ornaments:

Pay attention to the following aspects when buying jewelry:

One is the choice of species

Second, specifications and styles

The third is to match with oneself.

Fourth, the place of purchase

Buy high-end jewellery must go to a regular shopping mall or specialty store, otherwise, the money is gone, not to mention, wearing a joke outside the door, especially attending some higher-level, regular dance occasions, the consequences ... Imagine

Five are some "accessories" for jewelry.

The “accessory” referred to here may not be an accessory in the traditional sense. This may refer to the relevant certificate certificate, identification certificate, etc. of the jewelry, and must obtain relevant invoices such as invoices, logos, identification certificates, etc., so that it needs to be cleaned and repaired in the future. Maintenance and other after-sales services and rights protection are carried out smoothly. In particular, the certificate of authentication must be issued by an authoritative organization. The certificate issued by the quality inspection agency authorized by the state will carry the marks “CAL” and “CMA”. The certificate of the non-authorized institution does not have such a mark. .

When buying gold products, you must first choose a reputable brand enterprise. Never choose a brandless vendor for cheaper. Because the price of gold is relatively transparent, if you encounter a situation that is obviously lower than the market price, you should be more guarded. Secondly, When buying gold products, remember to invoice, which is the key to protect consumer rights; third, if there is any doubt, it can be detected in time, the gold jewelry inspection agencies under the State Technical Supervision Department are distributed in major cities, testing gold jewelry The composition is relatively easy; fourth, choose to invest in gold bars, gold nuggets and other gold products, to choose the formal business that promises to buy back, the quality can also be guaranteed.

Be careful when buying gold ornaments, after all, the price of gold ornaments is still very expensive. If you buy fake, it is not worthwhile. The above small series introduces you to the problems that need to be paid attention to when buying gold ornaments. The reference value is still very large.

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