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Cold February, we welcome the joy of a small, ushered in the romantic Valentine's Day, ushered in the lively Spring Festival, so many festivals, down many of the girls returning home for the New Year offended, what Chinese New Year clothes to wear home Go back, what clothes should be worn in February? It is better to see G & F Blue Flower Women recommended for you with several bars.



Small is our traditional Han Chinese festival, a small young day is also a small day of reunion, so on this day than the gentle to wear some of it. Try green blue mint green down jacket, long version of the type just in line with the current cold weather, horizontal pressure line more Slim type, hooded design all-round care of your warmth. Take a white primer shirt plus long pants, and family reunions with a night it.

2月份穿什么衣服 2月份穿衣搭配

Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's Day, but in time for the Spring Festival Oh, this also for many young men and women have brought a better happy moment. Of course, Valentine's Day to wear more sweet and romantic 啦. It is better to choose blue and white romance purple suit, like Provence lavender, elegant and elegant, romantic fragrance. Cut flowers plus white fur collar more stylish, short jacket and short skirts even more figure, let his eye can not do without you.

2月份穿什么衣服 2月份穿衣搭配

Chinese New Year

The first day of the New Year is, of course, how bright and beautiful how to wear, it is better to start from the first day of the new year with a gorgeous fur suit, to bode well for your new year. Blue and white language women's winter fur coat, simple atmosphere of the round neck plus nine points sleeves design, release the inherent elegance, plus a slim leather skirt or shorts, bumpy body curve self-confidence double, to greet a new good year.

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