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Guangzhou Fanghua Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, which is a professional garment enterprise integrating Korean, Japanese fashion style design, brand operation and production and processing. The company has first-class management, first-class product development and efficient marketing team, also has advanced production equipment, strict management of garment production base. Fan Hua costumes with a sound brand management, a clear strategic objectives and high cohesion of the team, as well as highly competitive product positioning, improve the access network and modern information technology support as a backup, is committed to becoming the apparel brand management agencies . "Fanghua" will expand its retail and franchising businesses through its continuous, well-established marketing and brand management. Style: fashion, fashion, romantic, elegant Korean fashion Japanese women's clothing. Brand positioning: the pursuit of taste of 18-35-year-old modern urban women, pure sunny, sweet young girls and the trend of intellectual, romantic market, white-collar beauty joining conditions: 1, must be the local most prosperous monopoly (women) brand is relatively concentrated The first floor frontage street store in the commercial street or the ladies' floor counter or shop in the shop with the most famous and best-selling department store (shopping mall) in the area. 2, provide us with detailed analysis of the local business district, consumer adaptability, management methods and the basic situation of the business venue, conscientiously fill in the application form. 3, have a good reputation and cooperation and cooperation. 4, a strong sense of brand management and cooperation loyalty. 5, ample start-up capital / liquidity. 6, investors must have clothing retail experience. 7, able to accept the company's business philosophy, can wholeheartedly into joining career.

We have various dobby and Jacquard Lining. These linings have good color fastness, because of yarn dyeing. The drapability and air permeability is good, too. The jacquard Lining is more colorful and have more pattern can choose.  It also can show the brand logo on the lining. The dobby and jacquard lining can make the suits variety and individuallty. 

Dobby/jacquard Lining

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