Women often wear high heels easily lead to toe deformities


Bennett December 15th, China has 100 million people are big bones

In daily life, we can often see that there are many female feet with a big bag protruding outward from the root of the thumb, and the thumb is squatting outwards, making the front foot like a triangular “big snakehead”. This is what people often say. The "big bones", scientific name "floating hallux." The deputy chief physician of Orthopaedic Department of Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yan Hong explained that hallux valgus is inward protrusion of the cheekbones, the thumb squat outwards, beyond the normal angle (as shown), serious can cause bunion, etc. Unbearable pain.

It is understood that at least 100 million people in China have hallux valgus. The Internet has revealed that Yang Ziqiong has a pair of feet that are seriously deformed due to wearing high heels for many years. Experts said that if the situation is true, Yang Ziqiong will certainly not be able to walk far. The soleplate will hurt. Because of her condition, she is considered to have severe hallux valgus. Due to the deformity of the toes at the same time, there were also actress Dai Penny and Victoria Beckham's wife.

Congenital factors account for half of the day after the day due to inappropriate shoes

"There are several reasons that can cause hallux valgus, in which the family heredity accounts for 50% to 70%, mainly maternal inheritance, especially girls are more likely to get." And Yanhong said. Ligaments in the female foot are weaker than those in men. Under equal genetic conditions, hallux valgus is more likely to occur. The ratio of male to female is approximately 1:16. The ligament's flexibility decreases with age, which is why hallux valgus is more common in middle-aged women. Followed by the acquired factors, usually due to inappropriate wear shoes for a long time, such as shoes that often pass through sharp, high and crowded feet. Now that the hallux valgus patients are younger, there is a lot to do with this. Other causes include traumatic, rheumatic diseases, gout, and nervous system diseases such as cerebral palsy and hallux valgus caused by peroneal nerve injury.

It is found that the earlier the intervention of the hallux valgus, the better

In the early stages of hallux valgus, besides its unsightly appearance, difficult shoe selection, and easily damaged shoe shape, it has not brought much discomfort to people. However, as the age increases, the degree of deformity of the hallux valgus increases, resulting in many serious complications, such as bunion cysts, claw toe, corns, and footpads. These complications not only affect foot function but also cause pain. , seriously affecting life and work. In some patients, the above symptoms are not obvious or can be tolerated, but they feel pain or discomfort around the big toe or at the ankle during walking and rest at night, which is related to the change of foot force after the occurrence of thumb valgus. Severe will also affect other joints and cause some bone and joint complications.

“A lot of patients can't stand the pain before they come to the doctor. This often requires surgery. Because the later, the more complications, the more troublesome the treatment will be. So, when there is a hallux valgus deformity, the most Good early prevention and treatment.” And Yanhong gave us several recommended health methods for preventing and treating hallux valgus:

1. Choose a pair of suitable shoes, such as the heel should not be too high, 2 to 4 centimeters is appropriate, the highest should not be higher than 7 centimeters, the toe should be loose, so that the toe in the inside there is a certain space to make it feel Without any pressure, in particular, you should not wear sharp, thin high heels, and your length should be about two centimeters longer than your own. The sole must have a certain curvature to protect the arch. The heel area should be as large as possible to reduce the burden on the foot to maintain balance. Mothers with hallux valgus girls should wear high heels.

2. If you do barefoot exercise, if your home is wooden floor or if it is heated in winter, it is best to wear shoes at home to relax your feet. If you have conditions, you often walk barefoot on sandy soil to fully relieve foot fatigue.

3. Now that it is not realistic for women to wear high heels, try to reduce the time to wear high heels and prepare a pair of flat shoes in the unit and the car. After returning home at night, you can use hot water bubble feet, while holding the cheekbone in the opposite direction to the inside of the big toe.

If mild hallux valgus has occurred, the cotton pad can be inserted between the first and second toes. At night, a small splint is tied to the inside of the toes to gradually straighten the toes; in addition, the use of hallux valgus orthopedic instruments (day and night) can be used. Correct with an orthosis).

Correct choice of surgical indications can guarantee no recurrence

When the above conservative treatment can not be effectively corrected, surgical treatment should be taken, which is the most effective treatment. According to reports, there are many surgical methods for hallux valgus correction. For decades, the only common surgical methods in general hospitals in China have been soft tissue surgery and proximal phalange osteotomy. Unfortunately, although there are many hospitals in the country that can perform such surgeries, failures and recurrences are common. Sun Yongqiang, chief physician of the department of orthopedics, said: "Recurrence after surgery is largely related to the indication that the surgery was not properly selected. Precise preoperative evaluation is a necessary condition for the success of such surgery."

"The purpose of treating hallux valgus is mainly to relieve pain. For the painless or painless severe deformity, we do not advocate correction. Before the age of 50, if the deformity is not too severe, the root skin of the thumb is not too red and too swollen, you can try Conservative therapies, such as the various health care methods mentioned above, and with the improvement of people’s living standards, some young female patients, the purpose of the visit is mainly due to the appearance is not beautiful, can not wear stylish shoes, or because of certain occasions need to wear High-heeled shoes, but it can't be worn painfully. It should be more prudent to have surgery on patients with such appeals." Sun Yongqiang said.

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